May Athletes of the Month – Amanda Cadua and Eric Johnson

Congratulations to this months athletes for all their hard work! The recognition is well deserved and their progress and ability to strive to get stronger and fitter shines through PR after PR! Nice job Eric and Amanda!

amandacAthlete: Amanda Cadua – Amanda is half of one of our mother/daughter duos that attends CFHF a majority of each week. #likeeveryday #boxrats Who are we kidding, we have to tell her to take a rest day! Amanda has played and participated in multiple sports since highschool and that competitive nature with herself  along with her dedication to CrossFit has resulted in amazing success at the box. Amanda is the epitome of CFHF strong! The coaches would like to wish her best of luck with her new career and in her search for another “home” box. We are all going to miss you week in and week out!

How did you come to start at CFHF? Why?

A: I was getting bored of my workout and wanted to try Crossfit for awhile but didn’t think I could handle the workouts. I found a brochure at Healthy Habits and Dr. Touchinsky urged me to try it out. I encouraged my mother to come with me, she is also a member now

Q: When did you start?

A: I started in Sept. 2013

Q: What is your favorite lift, WOD, movement?amandac2

A: My favorite lift is deadlift and clean and jerk.

Q: What is your most memorable PR?

A: All of them! From Sept to now, I have almost doubled most of my starting numbers! Most recently, during a partner WOD at a competition I did 145lbs for a max rep of a Power Clean. It was a 25lb PR and I still have to count the weight on the picture!


ericjAthlete: Eric Johnson – Eric was like many prior to starting CrossFit but skepticism gave way to commitment and that in turn produces results!  Eric is a business owner and works a tough schedule and still manages to get to the box more days than not and continues to make gains on strength and overall fitness daily. There is some definite carry over with his athleticism from his days of playing football and track and field.

Q: How did you come to start at CFHF? Why?

A: I needed to get healthier because my wife was pregnant and I didn’t want to be the fat dad who couldn’t play with their kids. My brother was all about CrossFit and told me it would change my life ( which I was skeptical ) but went to one WOD and I was hooked.

Q:When did you start?

A: I started in November 2012

Q: What is your favorite lift, WOD, movement? 2014-05-27 19.01.39

A: My favorite lift is thrusters or cleans mixed into a WOD.

Q: What is your most memorable PR?

A: I have consistently made gains in all areas from back squat to deadlift to pull-ups etc. I wouldn’t say I’m stronger than I was in high school but I’m all round stronger than I ever was.


“It’s a team atmosphere that ends up making you better as in individual”

dont quitThere are many fitness programs out there and with any of them you will get out of them what you put into it.  However what’s the difference between CrossFit and “the other” programs? CrossFit  offers you quantifiable results. CrossFit offers you a sense of community, a support system, and personal accountability.  The programming in CrossFit enables an athlete to measure his/her level of fitness and offers them the ability to learn and be a student of his/her own body, mind, and personal athleticism.

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