August Athletes of the Month Jennifer Avon and Paul Strauss

 Whenever either one of these athletes are at the box not only do they personify what the CrossFit community is all about with their hard work, hustle, and overall attitude but we as coaches have watched them grow as individuals, not just on the athletic side either. We couldn’t be more proud of the results that Paul constantly produces due to his hard work and dedication to the program. WOD after WOD Paul gives everyone a run for their money. Also, Jenn’s constant evolving and growing both as a person and now a weightlifter speaks bounds about how truly tough she is. After herniating a disk in her back during an obstacle race in 2012 and then 6 months of rehab and treatment before she could pick up a 30# bar again.  Jenn has now committed herself to the Fearless Barbell weightlifting program and will be competing in her first meet in the coming months.
10656351_10203498238834005_1259979674_nQ: When did you first get started at CFHF?
A: May 2012
Q:What is your favorite lift/movement?
A: Pull-ups and Running.
Q:What is your most memorable PR?
A:The most memorable PR for me would be any of the PR’s I’ve seen my wife or kids hit.
Q:Knowing what you know now, why would someone else start at CrossFIt Hail Fire?
A: In my opinion the best things about CFHF is the coaches and people that work out there. There will never be a shortage of encouragement or camaraderie during your workouts. It makes it easy to go workout when u know that everyday u go to the gym u will see people that have similar goals and aspirations, and that those people will be there to help u attain and conquer those goals.


Q:When did you first get started at CFHF?safe_image.php
 A: January 2012 in the original garage box!
Q:What is your favorite lift/movement?
A: Everyone knows I love to squat. What a beautiful great lift! I love the bar period but I was built to squat and this has helped my other movements.
Q:What is your most memorable PR?
A: My most memorable prs we’re showing up after the injury, not quitting when I had pain or problems and my rx Grace.
Q:Knowing what you know now, why would someone else start at CrossFIt Hail Fire?
A: I started this journey in Jan 2012 in the original garage box. I was part of the 545 am class. Imagine that! (Minus the 6 months I took off to heal an injury). I was lighter by then but came back with goals to get stronger. I did, mentally and physically. Actually, this box and community helped me put myself back together after hitting a roadblock and then crashing and burning in my life. I can only try my best to give back to others around me now.  Knowing how your community & coaches at cfhf will ensure you receive encouragement on even your worst days, patience on your tired days, and education and safety on your most stubborn ego days are just a few reasons to start cfhf now. I continue to learn and hit prs in some way weekly. It is also inspiring to see the strong individuals all around me doing the same including the coaches! I highly recommend cfhf. Life changing, one kilo at a time!

May Athletes of the Month – Amanda Cadua and Eric Johnson

Congratulations to this months athletes for all their hard work! The recognition is well deserved and their progress and ability to strive to get stronger and fitter shines through PR after PR! Nice job Eric and Amanda!

amandacAthlete: Amanda Cadua – Amanda is half of one of our mother/daughter duos that attends CFHF a majority of each week. #likeeveryday #boxrats Who are we kidding, we have to tell her to take a rest day! Amanda has played and participated in multiple sports since highschool and that competitive nature with herself  along with her dedication to CrossFit has resulted in amazing success at the box. Amanda is the epitome of CFHF strong! The coaches would like to wish her best of luck with her new career and in her search for another “home” box. We are all going to miss you week in and week out!

How did you come to start at CFHF? Why?

A: I was getting bored of my workout and wanted to try Crossfit for awhile but didn’t think I could handle the workouts. I found a brochure at Healthy Habits and Dr. Touchinsky urged me to try it out. I encouraged my mother to come with me, she is also a member now

Q: When did you start?

A: I started in Sept. 2013

Q: What is your favorite lift, WOD, movement?amandac2

A: My favorite lift is deadlift and clean and jerk.

Q: What is your most memorable PR?

A: All of them! From Sept to now, I have almost doubled most of my starting numbers! Most recently, during a partner WOD at a competition I did 145lbs for a max rep of a Power Clean. It was a 25lb PR and I still have to count the weight on the picture!


ericjAthlete: Eric Johnson – Eric was like many prior to starting CrossFit but skepticism gave way to commitment and that in turn produces results!  Eric is a business owner and works a tough schedule and still manages to get to the box more days than not and continues to make gains on strength and overall fitness daily. There is some definite carry over with his athleticism from his days of playing football and track and field.

Q: How did you come to start at CFHF? Why?

A: I needed to get healthier because my wife was pregnant and I didn’t want to be the fat dad who couldn’t play with their kids. My brother was all about CrossFit and told me it would change my life ( which I was skeptical ) but went to one WOD and I was hooked.

Q:When did you start?

A: I started in November 2012

Q: What is your favorite lift, WOD, movement? 2014-05-27 19.01.39

A: My favorite lift is thrusters or cleans mixed into a WOD.

Q: What is your most memorable PR?

A: I have consistently made gains in all areas from back squat to deadlift to pull-ups etc. I wouldn’t say I’m stronger than I was in high school but I’m all round stronger than I ever was.